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I decided this nonsense has been up here long enough; I've removed almost everything from this site. It's been fun but life moves on. Will put up the Powderkeg archives in due course, but not in the mood just now - 28 Apr 2011

08 May -- it's been wonderful not feeling guilty about not keeping the page up to date, not worrying about reading the funnies so I'll have something to post, and not having all that old crap up on the page for people to shake their heads over (my old friend Morrie said "This stuff isn't the Pierre I know." For instance.) I do miss being able to type my opinions about stuff, but OTOH nobody needs to know my opinions about stuff.

Book recently read "A million little pieces" by James Frey. Excellent ( * * * * 1/2) ... about a young drug addict asshole who finally cleans up his act. I don't have much sympathy for what he did when he was a drug and alcohol addict, but I admire the way he quit at last. I can identify with a lot of stuff here.

Would love to report on a load of other things, such as the goddamn election, but never mind. Nobody cares enough to email me about anything, so it's not worth the trouble.

14 May - I heard from Jasmin that he liked the website... thanks, Jasmin!... but I had been planning to do something with it for some time and never have a moment to spare. Seriously. I'm as busy as 3 normal people. So in exasperation I took the thing down rather than having it rankle without being able to do a thing about it.

I was reading the compilation "Stories to Remember" by Thomas B Costain and John Beecroft, dated 1956. I may have read this compilation before as I recognized every story in the two volumes. Excellent stuff. Planned to comment on the various stories, which I loved, all but for The Great Stone Face which I thought too sentimental. I was particularly happy to read The Long Rifle by S.E.White, which was totally fun.

The final story in the two books was "National Velvet", and after reading this I found myself totally baffled how they could possibly have used Elizabeth Taylor in a movie about it. Velvet Brown was a small child, the homeliest of her sisters, and she was so poor that she rode in borrowed clothing, certainly not in some fancy garb as I remember seeing Taylor wearing in the promo pix. The movie must be a joke. The story, on the other hand, was terrific and written in a remarkable fashion. (* * * * 1/2)

22 May -- The reasons to do a website are as follows:

1 - to deal with something that you feel is not being taken care of otherwise. I would categorize keeping the Powderkeg mags available as being such a thing. I'm planning to put them back up. When I have time.

2 - to indulge oneself with self expression without restraint. I figure most people are doing this in blogs now and so there's no real reason to be doing it myself. There's not much that's unique about my opinions. If there is anything at all. After realizing this, I became increasingly reluctant to shoot off my mouth about anything.

3 - for some sort of commercial, emotional or other rewards. I got none of these from my website. Nobody commented on it (aside from Jasmin Farand, thanks again!) since about 4 years ago. That meant that feedback, the smallest possible reward, wasn't even tendered to me. So, was anyone reading it? I had a tracker on here for a while but took it off as I didn't like doing that. Jasmin suggested I allow people to post comments on here, but that's a lot of work to code in (unless I use some pre-coded stuff from somewhere) and I just don't have the time.

So, on weighing the above in my mind, and trying to think of some other reason to bother with it, I can see no real reason at this time to continue. I'm still compiling reviews of the mags, but haven't had the time to put them up. I feel that some of the writers for the mags, might be happy to see their reviews from time to time, though of course not a damn one of them ever said so. f* 'em.

And ....Th...Th... That's all, Folks!

Marco Andretti - "If everything seems to be under control, you're just not going fast enough!"

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